« The language of the woods, the impossibility of saying only with the dominant and signifying language. Then there are other possible languages, emanating from an immediate reality and more ancestral : the language of noises, mutes, ecosystems, biotopes, improvised songs and tattered words … language of care, shouts, and breaths. »

Voices and language are its instrument and tool of research.      
In the early 90s, Natacha had two passions: music and cinema. She began by studying music and voice in Paris, followed by a residency in Bombay. Natacha Muslera develops its research in the field of experimental music, sound and visual arts (performance, radio work, videos, films, composition, graphic score), within multidisciplinary groups and collectives.

The artist is specifically interested by the choir, as unheard of potential, intrinsically micro-political. She conceives and puts into practice different choirs without chief, and groups : choeur in situ, choeur terrain vague, choeur présocratique, cent coeur, choeur tac-til

From the year 1997, Natacha practices free improvisation and noise music, actually she creates for different way of composing and interpreting, without visual support, a digital writing by contact and blind partition. These films also aim to do this, by destabilising the predominance of certain senses and creating other relationships and perspectives between hearing, touch, articulated and inarticulated language…

Among his recent and old friends and collaborators : Choeur tac-til and Lionel Marchetti, Le UN, Michel Doneda, Aude Romary, Cécile Duval, eRikm, Christophe Cardoën, Angelica Castello, Jérôme Noetinger, Biliana Voutchkova, Catherine Jauniaux, Nicolas Gerber,  Jean Luc Guionnet, Eric La Casa, Floy Krouchi, Keja Ho, Terminal Beach, Jean Sebastien Mariage, Wilfried Welding…

In 2016 she was awarded an Hors les murs grant, with the artist eRikm to create a radio play.

Its research intensifies thanks to the laboratories, nomadic workshops, in with the artist shares a free vocal practice, and develops an experimental pedagogy.

The concerns of the artist experiment  the vocal space. « The vocal’ space questions the language’s foundations. It works the question of origins. It functions like an egnima. It questions the voice itself as the origin. »

Living creations in France and abroad Japan, Russia, India, Argentina, Quebec, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Palestine, Swiss, Austria…

Diffusion of its vocal pieces, audio poems on France Culture and France Musique, Radio Classica (RNE) Ars Sonora, Seville Radiopolis FM, Radio Grenouille, Radio Libertaire, Arteweb, BBC, Radio Radio Galère (Marseille), Pnode, Firefly frequencies, Radio Roquette,  etc…

From 2002, Natacha began making experimental films, sometimes in partnership with Nicolas Gerber, and in 2009 she directed a digitised 16mm film, Angèle de Foligno, a very free adaptation of The Book of Visions and Instructions. Several video poems, film essays and performance films followed, but it was in 2021 that she returned to cinema, co-directing L’année qui vient with Stefano Canapa, a hybrid film on the borderline between documentary and experimental.

The films are shown at : FID Marseille, Peuple and Culture Marseille, Instant vidéos Marseille, Video Bardo Buenos Aires, Vidéo festival of Ramallah, Cinéma Parallèle Montréal, Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux Paris… and on various websites, including the Dérives website.

ACTUALLY in process

L’année qui vient, co-réalisation Stefano Canapa, film 16mm numérisé, 45′

Choeur tac-til & Lionel Marchetti Natacha Muslera composes for a blind choir : supported by Gmem, National center of experimental music in Marseille, 2012-2018. Drac Paca, Off-cells.

COYOTE with Michel Doneda (saxophones) and NM (voice), sound rite

MUTANTES Aude Romary (cello) – Angélica Castelló (Paetzold, tapes & electronic) Natacha Muslera (voice, drumm, micro-plume, radio short wave)

ZAOUM BA UMP’F HTLM Cécile Duval (actres, improviser)

LE UN Sophie AGNEL : piano – Pascal BATTUS : rotary surfaces – Claire BERGEREAULT : accordion and voice – Benjamin BONDONNEAU : clarinet – Christophe CARDOEN : lighting – Patrick CHARBONNIER : trombone – David CHIESA : double bass – Michel DONEDA : saxophone – Camille EMAILLE : percussion – Nina GARCIA : electric guitar – Amanda GARDONE : double bass – Bertrand GAUGUET : saxophone – Anouck GENTHON : violin – Rozemarie HEGGEN : double bass – Benoit KILIAN : percussions – Soizic LEBRAT : cello – Lionel MARCHETTI : electronics – Michel MATHIEU : actions – Natacha MUSLERA : voice – Jérôme NOETINGER : electronics – Jean-Luc PETIT : contrabass clarinet and sopranino – Christian PRUVOST : trumpet – Dominique REGEF : hurdy-gurdy – Aude ROMARY : cello – Mathieu WERCHOWSKI : violin and viola

 FUTURE  FOLK  STORIES with Robin Fincker (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Mathieu Werchowski (violin / machines), Natacha Muslera (voice / shortwave radio), Fanny Lasfargues (electroacoustic bass), Fabien Duscombs (drums), Anaêlle Marsollier (sound system)

TIENDA OBSCURA performance with Stefano Canapa

LIMBE creation 2017-2018 – invitation of Aude Romary (cello), with Christophe Cardoën (lights), Stefano Taiuti (dance), Natacha Muslera (voix étendues) . Productions : association Bruissement, espace multimédia Gantner – Coproduction : Centre Culturel André Malraux – Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. Avec le soutien de la Région Grand Est et de la DRAC Acal.

SOLOs- Performances  LHT – amplified and / or acoustic « The first gesture is to listen to the place, the second, radical, introduces a tear into space which simultaneously tears and restores the place to the real. »                                                                                                             Shortwave (voice & amplified radio)                                                                                   Incantation (voice, drum, shortwave radio)                                                                              Singing with the trouble ( tie microphone, vocal poem)                                                        Wild manifestation (outdoor, acoustic voice)